Monday, 26 May 2014

That is Life...

Welcome to wonderland, that is life.  Our lives are what we make them right?  Have we all seen Alice in Wonderland? Good. 
So why can't I view my own personal life as my own personal wonderland, full of adventure? After all our thoughts become our reality right? We all attract what we think about, talk about and do something about.  So I choose to chase an adventurous life, life shots us challenges and if there is one thing I have learnt as a mummy is that we all should love and view life as the child within...

Unconditional Love
No Judgement
There is Fun & Adventure Everywhere
Happiness is about having fun

With all our conditioning as adults how can we do this? Simple, start a fresh, forget the past, create a brand new life designing your own thoughts, words and actions.  Challenge yourself to create a life of your dreams.  
So that is what I have started... I have put my big goals on paper, given myself a timeline and come up with a seven year journey.  

To reach for my goals easier I want the journey to be a great adventure, I have my map, passion and life skills to get there but knowing it is going to be a challenge makes it much better.  I have always loved a challenge and if I wanted something enough, I always got it, the problem was, I always set the goals small and conditioned to current circumstances because I never thought I would be able to reach the final goal if I set it too big, I was socially conditioned and had a fear of doing the unexpected but now? I am ready and I deserve it. 

We can all get what we want if we work hard for it but our thoughts are very different and create different realities for each of us.  If thinking is all it takes, I'd rather let my imagination take over wouldn't you? 

So... Welcome to my journey, the greatest adventure of my life.  How am I going to do it? Treat everyday like an adventure and keep you all posted along the way. 

Kyms Wonderland will be one of my motivators, please follow me, read me and comment or share, I could be an inspiration to someone.  

Thank you Everyone.