Saturday, 31 May 2014

Kyms Bucket List

Today's 'Bucket List' has been inspired by Stephen Sutton, sadly lost his life to cancer although being very young.  Before he passed he raised 4.2 Million for The Teenage Cancer Trust and worked through two thirds of his 'Weird & Wonderful Bucket List'.  "I don't see the point in measuring the worthiness of your life in terms of time, but rather you should measure life terms of what you achieve." "his inspiration was to offer an alternative to the bleak mean view we often have of life." A huge inspiration to everyone and lived life as it is truly meant to be lived.  

Click on Stephens photo for his story or to donate to The Teenage Cancer Trust'

Why is it that we wait until we are diagnosed with a life threatening disease or someone close to us has, that we stop living like we will live forever and start truly living? I have always pondered this question.  Just imagine right now, what would you do differently if a Dr told you that you had limited time left? How would you be living for that limited time? I am pretty certain that most of us wouldn't be living like we are at the moment would we? Of course not, because most of us live like we will live a long life, no exception, which in a way is not a bad thing but wouldn't life be more meaningful and exciting if we REALLY lived each day so if anything like this did come about we could proudly say we lived our lives the best we could? 

So, here is my 'Bucket List' & I plan on achieving them all or very close before I leave this wonderland. 

On designing this I was given the advice of imagining I had 1 Billion Pound and no limitations.

  1. Let everyone I love and care about know for sure I love them and what I appreciate. 
  2. Have this blog well and truly informative and full of photographs for my daughters to have something of me left behind.
  3. Have happy, healthy, honest, polite, loving, caring daughters who are successful in their own ways. 
  4. Achieved PHD in Psychology
  5. See the world! Visit Paris, Venice, New York, Disneyland Paris, Disneyworld Florida, Egypt, Africa. 
  6. Work with children in a third world country. 
  7. Work with and help children put into care.
  8. Raised money for charities I believe in by getting sponsored to do skydiving, bungee jump, mountain climbing & a marathon. 
  9. Have lived a fit and healthy lifestyle. Looked after my body & mind. 
  10. Fed and played with monkeys.
  11. Had my own questions answered by the prime minister of the country we call 'Home'. 
  12. Bought a family home in the country, with acres of land to leave for my children, but also spend my final days in. 
  13. Have a motor home (even just for a month) to go travelling in and live wherever I want. 
  14. Snowboard
  15. Motivational public speaker if just for a day. 
  16. Stay in a log cabin for Christmas. 
  17. Be in London for New Years Eve. 
  18. See Pink live. 
  19. Shake hands with my Idols. 
  20. Ride a horse 
  21. Have long hair again. 
  22. Have a toned stomach. 
  23. Be an inspiration and leave something behind. 
  24. Write a book. 
  25. Have a gym in my home. 
  26. Owned or holidayed in a VW campervan. 
  27. Had a spiritual retreat in Bali 
  28. Learnt the art of meditation and clearing your mind.
  29. Covered one piece of my own furniture with Decoupage
I've stopped here before my ideas get rather silly :-), Its nice to have a passion in life and mine is making the most out of the time I have got here with the people I love. 

My biggest goals are the family home, PHD and the ones about my girls. In pursuit of my dreams. 

Be Back Soon xxx