Thursday, 29 May 2014

Larry Winget - Idol

Larry Winget - "The Pitbull of Personal Development" 

Seriously this man is my idol, click on the photo to take you to his website, he is absolutely brilliant. Why? because he is one of the most honest people in this world.  His truth hurts but it IS the truth and we cant deny it.  If there is one problem with people today, it is that we aren't honest even with ourselves, we loose ourselves because we have forgot who we really are, what we truly want and what puts a smile on our face.  We are buried under self doubt, dishonesty and insecurities or to the point, fear.  

Fear is an ultimate challenge, fear of being judged, fear of the consequences, fear of the unknown, fear is everywhere.  I am in the process of working through "Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life" by Larry Winget, it is a national best seller and up to now it is making me put my whole life into perspective.  

"Everything you think, everything you say. and everything you do matters." - Larry Winget

We are where we are in life because we chose to be here, I strongly believe this.  I lost my son in July 2013, he was born sleeping (you may have read this on the 'About Me' page), this was extremely hard for me, I have three girls and always wanted a little boy, when I found out on the sexing scan he was a boy I was overjoyed.  I went into premature labour due to an infection, (which the hospital hadn't picked up), it took a few weeks to realise I had to pick myself up and be a Mum to the children I have here but after that time until now I have been living my life, I did not give up through grief.  If there is a place where we go when we pass away and they watch over us, I decided I wanted to make my son proud, until we meet again.  

My point is, I could of wallowed about that time so much more, I could have been on suicide watch blaming the world and universe for what had happened, I could of became an alcoholic, drug abuser to ease the pain, I could of completely given up on life, but I didn't because I chose to carry on to make my son and my daughters proud of me.  Our time here is limited and when I leave here I want to be remembered by the people I love for having lived to the fullest, happy, loving mother who always done her best and truly lived.  

10 month later and Larrys book has become that final kick up the butt, for years I cared what people thought, especially people I cared about, I considered them in almost every decision I made until I read this... 

I thought about this fact and thought about the many of times my mother said "its not about you" when I worried they were disappointed in me for something.  Larry mentions about Jerry Springer and how people go on these shows to whine and blame others, in England it is Jeremy Kyle, surely we all know about these shows and how we judge those people.  We all whine, complain and blame at times but when you really look back and open your eyes to the situations we could have done so much more.  We all have a past, we all have bad things happen to us, we all make mistakes, we all have baggage in some ways.  It's how we carry that baggage to move forward and get on the moving train of life or stay sat in the train station with our suitcases full wallowing that makes the difference.

Great book, inspirational man, intend to share what I've truly learnt when I have finished the complete book. 

Be Back Soon xxx