Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Flatts Lane Country Park ~ Looking for Fairies

"In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks." John Muir 

I often take my girls out to country parks, looking for 'fairies', they love it, expel energy and get some exercise and fresh air.  Telling the girls, when it is wet, its great for fairies to come out and play as there aren't many people around. We came across what looked like a deer but it ran into the trees and we didn't manage to find it again, a few dogs out strolling, birds, squirrels, a butterfly that followed us around the walkway, which Rosie thought was sent to look after us and a big green caterpillar, "Did you know Mum, one day that will be a beautiful butterfly?" Molly asks.  We hid in the trees, listened to different animals and tried to see animals and fairies by whispering not to scare them away.  We walked 2 Mile in a loop and it took an hour, really enjoyed the peace and quiet with my girls. 

Flatts Lane Country Park is in Middlesbrough, at the foot of Eston Hills, (TS6 0NN).  It has a little park/obstacle course for children, although it was wet when we arrived.  A visitors centre with a few activities for children and all sorts of information, plus drinks and sweets (01642 459629).   There are circular walks and amazing views of Teeside.  You can bring a bike or a horse and explore the place too.  Eston Hills is where the iron mines where until they closed in 1949, Eston Nab was featured in the film 'A Century in Stone' and is classed as the Lowland heath.  The hills are the home of lapwing, curlew, green woodpecker and linnet and various butterfly and dragonfly.  

Great place for a picnic,  a great family day out with walking, hiking, bike riding, horse riding (if you own one), recommended in all weathers although some people may prefer sunshine. Click below to find out more.