Friday, 30 May 2014

Facebook In all its Glory

Add me as a friend ... Go on we will pretend to know each other, like each others whining status' and ignore the positive ones, we will immaturely attention seek about boys/men, other females, our kids and bitch like there is no tomorrow, we will stalk exes together, their new girlfriends and whine about it.  We will find out the man we are dating is married with kids and has a whole other life going on, we will reject friend requests or ponder it from our stalkers and whine about that.  We will leave all our problems on our timeline so we can wallow in the past whenever we feel like it.  We will make out like we are something we aren't, we will only make a few of our posts public for certain eyes to be greeted by it when stalking us, we will ask people to like our status for an inbox message, we will share child abuse and animal abuse posts, no matter what the photograph is to raise 'awareness' and knock all our friends ill.  We will depress the life out of each other with all the hum drums of life because we can, because this is Facebook! 

I got myself a new Facebook profile, because my old one had a load of baggage from the person I once was.  I've grew up since then and if anyone wanted to read into my glorious life they could read every problem I've ever encountered which doesn't make me look that great!  This wasn't the main problem though, no, it was all of the above, I couldn't stand another day of scrolling through a 'news feed' to see this every day of my life, there's nothing worse.  It added so much negativity to my day I got to the point I hated Facebook, but I still wanted to share mine and the girls travels with my friends and family.  

So I got a new one, with selected friends and left the old behind.  There is nothing more satisfying than moving on.   

Be Back Soon xxx